How Thinqi Works

Thinqi has been designed to meet the needs and challenges of modern learners and practitioners.

Modern learning made easy

Thinqi makes modern learning content easy to create, curate, publish, organize and find. It lets you manage learning programmes but puts the focus on learner engagement and discovery – giving modern learners more control over their learning journey.

“Thinqi has revolutionised the way we train and support our people, the change in culture is shifting in such a little time since launch and is now unstoppable.” Pete Russell, Training Manager, Anglian Home Improvements

Whether its learner engagement, learning experience, blended pathways or skills development – Thinqi has you covered.
Here’s some of the reasons why high-performing organisations choose Thinqi:

Personalised learning
An intelligent interface that adapts to the preferences of each learner, providing relevant content and experiences.
Content curation and creation
Create and publish bite-size modules from the perfect blend of curated web content and your own expertise with our fast and simple authoring tools.
Informal and social learning
Our library and communication tools let your people learn the modern way through informal on-demand discovery and social collaboration.
Blended learning pathways
Create and distribute learning pathways from a blend of informal content, learning experiences, assessment and classroom workshops.
Reward and recognition
Incentivise your people to achieve their maximum potential through badges, rewards and social recognition.
Reporting and analytics
Measure activity, progress, engagement and digital body language with our powerful analytics and visualisation tools. Let the evidence prove the ROI of learning to your business.
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