How to Use ‘Badges’: A Guide for Learners

We at Thinqi are buzzing with excitement to introduce you to our new Badges feature in the platform. Badges are virtual rewards for the learning activities you complete. After all, when you’ve put so much effort into learning, it’s nice to have a little recognition, isn’t it?

The badges you’ve achieved will be added to your profile for others to see. It’s a great way to demonstrate your skills and expertise in a way that’s visual, fun and above all, rewarding..

Eager to start earning your first badge? Read on.

Accessing Your Badges List

The Badges List is your go-to place for badges. To access your Badges List, go to ‘Rewards’ in your app menu. Next, click on the ‘Badges’ tab. You will see a list of badges here.

Enrolling onto a Badge

Your first step to achieving your badge is to enrol. To do this, click on your desired badge in the Badges List. This will take you to an overview page with more information about the badge. Here, you will see details on how to earn the badge, and the learning pathways you can follow in order to do so. 

To enrol onto the badge, click on the blue ‘Enrol onto Badge’ button underneath the description. 

Congratulations! You’ve successfully enrolled onto your first badge. Now it’s time to get working towards it.

Note: Is the ‘Enrol onto Badge’ button greyed out? This means that either the pathways haven’t been authored or is set to inactive, meaning you won’t be able to enrol until active pathways have been set.

Completing a Badge

To earn a badge, you must complete all of the steps listed in any one of the pathways described. Badge pathways and specific steps to complete are listed in the badge’s overview page. This will be accompanied by a summary of ‘How to earn this badge’.












Pathway steps will consist of either an assignment, Playlist or an event that you need to complete as part of achieving the badge. 

So, what does it mean if a badge has multiple pathways? 

Fortunately, this doesn’t mean you have to complete every single pathway to earn your badge (phew). It simply means there are multiple ways to earn it. For example, if there are two pathways listed then it doesn’t matter whether you follow the first pathway or the second one – you will still achieve your badge at the end of it.

Once you’ve completed a step in your pathway, the badge’s information page will display a tick next to the activity.












Sharing a Badge

In today’s world of instant digital sharing, it seems almost natural to look for that familiar ‘Share’ icon when needed. Did you know that you can also do this for badges? 

From your Badges List, click on the badge you want to share. Underneath the badge description, you will see the ‘Share’ icon. Clicking on this will open a new window.

To share the badge, simply click on the ‘Copy’ button next to the badge link – this will add it to your clipboard. You can now paste this wherever you need to. When another user clicks on the link, they’ll be taken directly to that badge.

Share away.


Accessing Your Badges Backpack

The badges you complete will be displayed in your badges backpack. This is a section in your profile which people with the right permissions (e.g. your line manager) can access to view the badges you’ve achieved.

There are two ways in which you can access your badges backpack.

The first is to go to the Badges List and select a badge. If you have enrolled on this badge, you will see a clickable link which reads ‘Go to backpack’. If you haven’t enrolled, you will first need to do so – once clicked, the ‘Enrol onto Badge’ icon will be replaced by ‘Go to backpack

Clicking this link will take you directly to the badges backpack in your profile. 

Ta-da! You can now see a display of the badges you have achieved so far.


The second way to do this is via your profile directly. From anywhere on the platform (except for within a Playlist), go to your profile by clicking your user name in the top right-hand corner of the screen. Then select ‘View profile’ in the drop-down menu.

Now, click on the ‘Badges’ tab and you will see a full list of the badges you’ve achieved.