L&D Resource Roundup: 25th September 2020

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Natalie Ann Holborow
Digital Content Specialist
L&D Resource Roundup: 25th September 2020

We don’t know about you, but we’re not quite ready for those darker evenings and colder home offices yet and could do with something to brighten up the day. 

Well, lucky for us, it seems the learning and development community has been a hive of activity of late, with a whole range of webinars, blog posts and events to keep us in the know on what’s hot in learning right now.

So, here it is: your regular round-up of all things L&D, best enjoyed with a cuppa and biscuit of choice (we’ll let you fight it out over which is the best).

eLN Webinar Debate: How Do You Create and Sustain a Learning Culture in Your Organisation?

With a stellar line up of speakers including Andrew Jacobs, Barbara Thompson, Michelle Parry-Slater and Nigel Paine, this webinar explores the definition of a learning culture, the misconceptions, why it’s important and the impact of the pandemic.

Having seen these speakers at learning events before, we know this one will be full of relevant insights and interesting discussion – plus, they’ll be answering those burning questions sent directly from attendees. Find out the full event details and sign up here!

Lightbulb Moment: Facilitator Guides and Lesson Plans

We love Lightbulb Moment. Jam-packed with useful resources on webinars and virtual classrooms, we were excited to receive our newsletter this week and learn that Jo Cook has put together these top tips for facilitator guides and lesson plans.

With a link to a free live online facilitator template and an in-depth exploration of what a great lesson plan should look like, you’ll soon have your training documentation in perfect shape.

Virtual L&D Roundtable: ‘The Evolution of L&D’

Virtual College L&D Roundtable Events, L&D Mastermind and founder of ‘How to Accelerate Learning’ Krystyna Gadd are joining forces for this interactive session, where they will be discussing with other L&D professionals the topic of ‘The Evolution of L&D’.

With a structured breakout discussion and an interactive session by Krystyna (which we guarantee is never anything other than engaging!), this event is a must for anyone who wants to delve further into the changing landscape of learning. For more information and to sign up, click here.

A Recipe for Success: How to Use Marketing to Boost Your L&D Efforts

Finally, we’ve compiled a plethora of marketing insights, added a generous helping of learning know-how and served it up in this fun yet practical expert guide. Exploring the five key marketing tactics you can use to spark interest, boost learner participation and raise the profile of learning in your organisation, this guide is your go-to for formulating a plan for employing your campaign and evaluating its impact. Get your free guide here

We hope that’s given you plenty to think about!

Have any L&D resources particularly inspired you recently? We’d love to hear your recommendations.

Until next time!

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Natalie Ann Holborow
Digital Content Specialist