We’ve Moved! Welcome to the New Thinqi Office

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Steve Finch
Thinqi Ambassador
We’ve Moved! Welcome to the New Thinqi Office

It’s been an exciting week here for Team Thinqi. We’ve moved! After months of planning, building and shifting furniture, we’re now in the attractively-designed new office in one of Swansea’s most sought-after business locations. This is a momentous step for us as our team continues to grow, and we needed a bigger, more practical space to work our learning magic.

Collage of new Thinqi office with modern desks, boardroom and plate of croissants in kitchen

A Fresh Chapter

Since our beginnings in 1998, we’ve worked in offices all over Swansea, but this one marks the start of something special. Our old offices might have served us well, but as we continue to grow on an international scale, we knew our workspace had to grow with it.

However, when it came to choosing a workspace, it wasn’t enough to just settle for a plain, generic office space on an out-of-town industrial estate. We knew that if we were going to reflect who we really are, then plain and generic just wasn’t going to cut it. We needed to stay rooted here, in our lovely, ugly city; a city that’s served us well and that’s bursting with character. Just like our company, it’s a city that brims with creative, hardworking and convivial personalities. 

This is a space that does just that. Purpose-built and designed to promote team working – yet still perfectly suited for individual work – it’s perfectly reflective of a culture that worships both personal and professional learning and development.

It’s a space that allows our people the best chance to really shine and be their best. Because at Thinqi, it’s always been about the people.

Colleagues at the Thinqi open plan office working on LMS

A Building With Ambition

Both the location and the workforce thoroughly deserve the investment that has been made. To accommodate current and future growth, the new office is located on two floors of a striking old Victorian warehouse (and, not wasting any time, we’re already making plans for a third floor). The history behind it? It was once home to furniture makers Down and Sons between 1889 to 1995. Although it’s now been renovated with a clean and neutral colour palette and sleek glass panels, it still retains the old charm of cool iron, sloping ceilings and the warm russet of exposed brickwork.

Today, the building is part of the up-and-coming ‘Creative Cluster’ in Swansea – aimed at fast-growing and innovative tech businesses with bright futures.  

Outside view of Thinqi office in Warehouse Building Swansea


A Hub for Collaboration

We’ve written plenty of blogs on how collaboration is key for any organisation to reach peak performance. We at Thinqi pride ourselves on being a close-knit team – it’s ingrained in our culture and shines through in our product. What we needed was a space for everyone’s unique talents to be used as part of the bigger picture.

This is why you’ll find us putting our heads together around more than just boardroom tables and coffee meetings. This is a workspace that’s totally open; it’s a hub for collaboration.

And the more bright ideas are shared in the open, the more brilliant features we can bring you in future. 

Design team at Thinqi doing design work for learning programs at new desks

Equipped With Cutting-Edge Technology

Walk past the boardroom one minute and you might see a long, polished desk. Walk past five minutes later and you may instead see an opaque screen, or even an animation being screened upon the glass! Our smart glass panels are the perfect way to offer privacy without disturbing important meetings with that awkward, tentative knock upon the door. 

Just arrived for a meeting with us? Sink into one of our soft and stylish chairs in the reception area and watch the screen above you as you wait for your freshly-brewed coffee from our machines. 

Colleagues are busy working away on clear wide screens: building, testing and tweaking the latest features in our cutting-edge blended learning platform. Or perhaps they’re presenting on one of several interactive whiteboards.

The Thinqi office: it’s an exciting place to be.

Colleague at Thinqi office showing new whiteboards with reports displayed

A Hit With Colleagues

So, what do our people think of it? Here are some of the responses so far…

  • “My favourite thing about the new office is all the meeting spaces. When managing projects, I’m always working with different teams, and now we have plenty of space to collaborate easily.” – Rebecca Picton-James, Head of Production
  • “I like the bright, open space and the new desks are great.” – Tristan Harding, Quality Assurance
  • “The fresh, modern look of the new office has motivated me to do even better at my job and I’m feeling proud of it. I’ve already been taking plenty of Instagram stories to share!” – Behrooz Zirak, Software Tester
  • “The office layout brings us so much closer as a team.” – Emily James, Customer Success Specialist
  • “Apart from the modern look of the office, I love the open plan approach which really creates a sense of community. The breakout areas are really useful too!” – Dan Drewson, Sales Executive
  • “Being able to see the team members I need to speak to so easily is the best thing.” – Julian Mainwaring, Digital Account Manager
  • “I really love the modern decoration. The boardroom screens are especially cool!” – Sylvie Chung, Customer Success Specialist

The message is clear: the hard work has paid off and our colleagues are delighted with the new space. Always driven by our strong work ethic to deliver digital learning opportunities for all, we’re looking forward to an even bigger and brighter future for Thinqi.

In a space that’s ambitious, welcoming, and that offers purpose and challenge for its staff, customers and partners, the Thinqi team can’t wait to welcome you here.

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Steve Finch
Thinqi Ambassador
Steve Finch is Head of Marketing and Brand Ambassador for Thinqi, the modern learning system. With a background in customer success and digital learning programme delivery, Steve has been helping organisations deliver effective modern learning for nearly 20 years.