How to Successfully Take the Leap into Blended Learning
This expert guide explores how to take the leap from traditional learning to blended learning with maximum success. This guide will help you to:
  • Identify the steps needed to begin your migration to blended learning
  • Outline the methods to overcome some of the common challenges to digital success
  • Produce a suitable plan for migrating from traditional to blended learning
  • Measure the impact of blended learning in your organisation following rollout

Thinqi has transformed our business, bringing cutting-edge blended learning technology to our existing high-quality learning and development solutions.

Steve Burnside, Director – Cake PD

The Anglian Learning Hub through Thinqi has revolutionised the way we train and support our people, the change in culture is shifting in such a little time since launch and is now unstoppable.

Pete Russell, Finance Training Manager, Anglian Home Improvements

The Thinqi team truly cares about education and wants to learn about your educational goals to allow your learners to use Thinqi to advance their learning and development.

Michelle Wartak, Learning Architect - Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard