What’s New in Thinqi? Laser-Focused Reporting and Multiple Share Links

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Steve Finch
Thinqi Ambassador
What’s New in Thinqi? Laser-Focused Reporting and Multiple Share Links

It’s a brand new year and decade, and we’re pleased to announce that Thinqi is now equipped with fresh new features just for you!

If the new year’s gym commitment is becoming a bit of a slog and the thought of another serving of kale seems less than appetising, we’re sure that the latest version of Thinqi will perk you up more than a super-goji-berry-vitamin-boosted smoothie.

Ever wished you could distribute the same Playlist to different cohorts, without the hassle of reproducing the content? What about accessing individual Playlist reports to drill down to the data that matters? Now imagine you could compare these results between groups and time periods. 

Well, now you can.

So put down the spinach smoothie and feast instead upon Thinqi’s brand new features, designed to give you more power over your learning strategy (with not a treadmill in sight).

What’s New?

Access to Individual Playlist Reports

Our reporting features are pretty neat, right? Well, we’re pleased to announce they’ve just got even better for 2020.

It’s all about focus.

Data, analytics and marketing are all increasingly important skills for the modern L&D practitioner. It’s precisely why they’re a key part of the ‘Performance and Impact’ area of the LPI Capability Map, and currently top of Donald H Taylor’s ‘Global Sentiment Survey’ for 2020. 

We’re becoming more reliant on creating learning that’s results-driven. Having greater visibility of specific reporting data can really sharpen our focus when it comes to learning delivery, allowing us to identify weak areas and refine our questioning if needed.

In other words, just as a marketer will often drill down to specific content to see how content is performing, so you can now access individual Playlist reports to see the exact data you need. What’s more, you can even compare reports from different cohorts, allowing you to benchmark results – minus the data headache.

Distribution of Multiple Share Links for Playlists

There are times when you may want to distribute the same learning content to multiple cohorts – say, for example, different regions or teams. With our new ‘Manage Share Links’ option, you can now generate, name and distribute as many share links as you want, to as many groups as you see fit. 

By using separate share links for each team, you can easily generate group-specific data at a glance, helping you to identify and address any issues early on.

Want to benchmark your learning over specific time periods? Well, you can now distribute Playlists at different times, giving you more insight into knowledge transfer before and after the learning activity has taken place.

More control to you, more power to your learning strategy.

With so many new and improved features to enjoy, learners can now enjoy a better modern learning experience than ever before. Got any thoughts on our new-look platform?  Get in touch and we’d love to hear your feedback!

thinqi logo
Steve Finch
Thinqi Ambassador
Steve Finch is Head of Marketing and Brand Ambassador for Thinqi, the modern learning system. With a background in customer success and digital learning programme delivery, Steve has been helping organisations deliver effective modern learning for nearly 20 years.