What’s New in Thinqi? Playlist Contributors, Pre-Set Events and Scheduled Announcements…

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Steve Finch
Thinqi Ambassador
What’s New in Thinqi? Playlist Contributors, Pre-Set Events and Scheduled Announcements…

At the time of this update, we are all living with huge and unexpected challenges. It’s impossible to ignore the incessant stream of unsettling news stories, and with schools and businesses closing their doors for the foreseeable future, it’s only natural for us all to feel concerned at this moment in time. 

Some of our hardworking team may be working from home, but we’d like to reassure you that we’re still all working collaboratively and with just as much dedication to bring you your latest version of Thinqi. Because we all need a little bit of good news to provide some welcome relief.

Ever wished you could involve other members of your team with individual Playlist Reports? Or have you ever wanted more insight into how people are engaging with your Events? What if you could save yourself hours of time by bulk importing Events rather than having to create them individually?

The great news is, now you can, plus more. Designed to give you more insights, greater control and less time wasted, let’s see what the latest version of Thinqi has to offer…

What’s New?

Playlist Contributors

With collaboration becoming an increasingly essential skill for the modern day L&D practitioner, your colleagues should ideally have visibility of any changes and developments if they are to be a part of a shared vision for L&D. This is precisely why, in high performing organisations, L&D works closely with the business to increase the impact of learning interventions. In fact, a staggering 88% ensure there is a communication plan in place for all key stakeholders

With this in mind, you may want to grant visibility of individual Playlist data to other users to allow them greater involvement in your strategy. Our new ‘Playlist Contributors’ feature is carefully designed so that more people can view, understand and create their own data sets. Whether it’s comparing learner activity between cohorts or across specific time periods, this feature is all about the bigger picture – for everyone.

Additional Events Reporting Data 

Still hungry for more data? We know that data and analytics is a top priority for L&D professionals in 2020. This is precisely why we’ve added a greater range of insights in your Events Reports, so you can pinpoint the data that’s relevant.

Say hello to weekly, monthly and annual Reports on Events. Want to track engagement with a series of linked weekly events? Or are you trying to determine which of your Events has the highest demand at certain times in the year?

With our updated data insights, finding the answers is as easy as 1-2-3.

Bulk Import Events 

When you have an extensive series of Events to create, you might expect to spend an afternoon adding them one by one into the platform, with your workload piling up around you. 

Not anymore. In the latest version of Thinqi, you can now enter all your individual Event details into a handy CSV template, then bulk import them all at the click of a button.

Pre-Set Events Locations

Here’s another handy time-saver for you. Until now, you will have entered the full location details each time you create a new Event. Doing this over and over for the same locations can get a bit, well, laborious can’t it? Wouldn’t it be so much easier if you could just choose from a pre-set list for those locations you use on a regular basis?

Well, now you can. Thanks to this nifty little enhancement, you can now create a bespoke list of your most-used locations, ready to select when you need it. 

Click, select, done – faster than you can say ‘RSVP’.

Scheduling of Announcements

You can already ‘pin’ Announcements, you can already ‘push’ Announcements, but what if you could schedule Announcements to go out at specific times on specific dates?

No more scrambling to find time to create Announcements in the moment – now you can schedule ahead of time with no stress. This means more time for you to focus on your most important tasks with minimal disruption.

Excited to discover the latest version of Thinqi for yourself? Say hello to more options for collaboration, data insights and time-saving than ever before. And remember, if you have any thoughts on our new features and enhancements, we’d love to hear them. Get in touch – we want to hear your feedback!

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Steve Finch
Thinqi Ambassador
Steve Finch is Head of Marketing and Brand Ambassador for Thinqi, the modern learning system. With a background in customer success and digital learning programme delivery, Steve has been helping organisations deliver effective modern learning for nearly 20 years.