What’s New in Thinqi? Power to Your Line Managers, Hidden Quiz Feedback and More…

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Steve Finch
Thinqi Ambassador
What’s New in Thinqi? Power to Your Line Managers, Hidden Quiz Feedback and More…

It’s that time of year again – time to start thinking about tugging the fairy lights free from attic boxes and dusting off the baubles (‘But it’s still too early!’ we hear you groan). 

Whether you’re prepared for the festive season or not, you can at least count on our hardworking Thinqi team to bring you a spruced-up version of Thinqi with a host of new features and enhancements.

Do your line managers want greater visibility and focus on the progress of their staff? Do you wish you could produce quizzes without revealing the correct answers?

Well, it looks like Christmas has come early to our Thinqi platform because now you can…plus more.

Ready to meet the latest version of Thinqi? Let’s unwrap some of the latest improvements…


Line Manager View

Did you know? Research shows that 78% of learners say support from managers is essential or very useful to learn what they need. However, that same report also reveals that only 26% of L&D teams equip line managers to help their staff get the most from learning.

This is why we’ve rolled out a brand new feature in the latest Thinqi release that allows system administrators to devolve responsibility in the platform and appoint line managers. These line managers now have access to their team’s learning progress and performance data.

It’s a feature perfectly designed to leverage the power of your line managers and encourage a coaching dynamic that perfectly accommodates the needs of the modern learner.

Browse Your Staff Profiles

Line managers are busy people. We’ve made life easier by giving them access to the profiles of their staff through the People app. This means they now have a fast and easy way to access the progress data of their staff.

Less time spent searching, more time for the tasks that really matter.

Summary Reports of Learning Progress

Perhaps there’s an annual performance review or 1:1 meeting just around the corner. To ensure line managers have all the performance data they need to prepare, it’s now possible for them to access summary reports for all the staff they manage.

Once in the Reports tool, they can then filter the data by the cohorts they manage to find exactly what they need. 


Keep Your Playlist Quiz Feedback Hidden

To date, feedback on a learner’s attempt at questions in a quiz has been given to them while they work their way through the questions. This has been done by revealing the correct answer or providing written feedback to a question after it’s been completed. However, you may not always want to reveal the correct answers until the end of a quiz.

This is why we now allow you to hide inline feedback, the remaining number of attempts and whether the user has answered correctly until they’ve completed all questions.

This also applies to Question Bank quizzes.

Extended Local Time Zone Reports

We know that not all of our customers work in the same time zone. In our last release, you’ll remember that we enabled local time zone configuration for a number of Thinqi reports. 

In our latest release, you’ll be pleased to find the Learning Activity report has now been added to the list. This report gives an overview of Assignment and Events data for the learning cohort you manage.

Excited to get started? Get logged in and start enjoying your best modern learning experience yet. As always, if you’ve got any thoughts on our new features and enhancements, we’d love to hear them. Get in touch and let us know your thoughts!

thinqi logo
Steve Finch
Thinqi Ambassador
Steve Finch is Head of Marketing and Brand Ambassador for Thinqi, the modern learning system. With a background in customer success and digital learning programme delivery, Steve has been helping organisations deliver effective modern learning for nearly 20 years.