What’s New in Thinqi? Question Banks, Branded Launchpad & More…

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Steve Finch
Thinqi Ambassador
What’s New in Thinqi? Question Banks, Branded Launchpad & More…

The sun is shining (well, mostly), summer is here, and so is the latest version of Thinqi! 

Ever wanted to make randomised Question Banks in your Playlists quizzes? Or are you using Thinqi in an organisation with multiple brands and need your people to have a relevant brand experience?

Well, the good news is that now you can, plus more! While most people have been jetting off on summer holidays, our heroic team have been working round the clock to bring you a fuller-featured, better-looking and faster version of Thinqi than ever before. 

What’s New?

Randomised Question Banks

As we mentioned earlier, Thinqi now allows you to create and edit randomised Question Banks in Playlists. 

Click-through of randomised Question Bank feature in Thinqi LMS

This allows you to add lots of questions in different topic folders and then generate a random test from these questions (or, if you like, specific topics). What’s more, look out for our exciting forthcoming feature, which will allow you to send a quiz. This will allow the learner to make their own test for revision. Pretty neat, right? We’ll let you know as soon as this becomes available!

User adding questions to different topics to Question Banks feature in Thinqi LMS

For more details, see our quick and easy help guide.

Formative Assessment

What if learners had the opportunity to gain confidence in a topic without the added pressure of scores? Well, now they can. Playlists now allow a mixed economy of both marked (summative) and unmarked (formative) quizzes. These practice activities won’t contribute towards the overall score for that module – so your learners can relax a little while learning.

Example of marked and unmarked quizzes in Thinqi LMS

Branded Landing Page

Working in a large organisation with multiple brands can get a bit confusing when it comes to branded landing pages. For example, if a parent brand owns a supermarket chain, staff at the supermarket chain would question if they went to Thinqi and only saw the parent brand.

This is why we’ve developed a new branded Launchpad (the landing page) targeted at specific users in your organisational structure, so you now have the option of choosing a general name for the platform that isn’t tied to a brand. When the learner logs in, they will see the branded Launchpad with the banner, text and the menu items they have access to – cutting through any confusion.

Branded landing page in Thinqi LMS

Change Appearance of Curated Content in Playlists

Want to change how curated content appears in Playlists? Easy. At the click of a button, you can now change the layout of any content curated from your library within your Playlist. 

User changing the layout of curated content in Thinqi LMS


Performance Improvement

We’ve turbo-charged Thinqi’s performance, so you’ll notice your pages loading faster across the site too. Graphic of lightning bolt

Alternative Skin for Playlists

Thinqi just got slicker. We’ve got a new-look skin style for Playlists which also introduces our all-new ‘Parallax Scroll’ slideshow block… 

Dynamic image rolling through new parallax scroll feature in Thinqi LMS

…plus, our other content blocks have had a bit of a makeover too.

Comparison of old and new Playlist skin in Thinqi LMS

Preview for Powerpoint Files

Downloading Powerpoint after Powerpoint can be time-consuming (and we all know modern learners don’t have that sort of time to waste). In our latest update, you can now preview Powerpoint files (PPTX) in-situ in the platform, without having to go through the whole process of downloading and launching in the desktop application. Not a minute wasted.

Graphic of Powerpoint icon

Reorganising the Thinqi App Menu

Not everybody wants their app menu in the same order. Now you are able to customise and reorder your app menu exactly as you want it, straight from your profile.

Dynamic image of user clicking to reorder apps in Thinqi LMS

Link to User Profile from Admin

Do you want to quickly view a specific user’s profile directly from the Admin area? Now you can. Click on that particular user to be taken straight to the ‘View profile’ option.

Screenshot of 'View Profile' button in Thinqi LMS

Events Tagging

You can now add tags to events, meaning that any tags relevant to a user’s personal preferences will bring the event up in their ticker.

Dynamic image of user adding tags to events in Thinqi LMS

Editing Resources Directly in Library Approval

The library approval function now has the ability for admins to edit resources directly when they are ‘in review’. It’s another way to ensure that you’re giving learners the best quality content before you hit ‘publish’.

Automatic Copyright Logo

Is there anything that can slow you down more than having to go and find special characters at the end of every copyright notice? Not anymore. Now when you need to edit the copyright details, the copyright logo will be there waiting, without you having to go hunting.

Screenshot of copyright logo populated in field in Thinqi LMS

With so many new and improved features to enjoy, learners can now enjoy a better blended learning experience than ever before. Got any thoughts on our new-look platform?  Get in touch and we’d love to hear your feedback!

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Steve Finch
Thinqi Ambassador
Steve Finch is Head of Marketing and Brand Ambassador for Thinqi, the modern learning system. With a background in customer success and digital learning programme delivery, Steve has been helping organisations deliver effective modern learning for nearly 20 years.