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Thinqi is the next-generation learning ecosystem for forward-thinking organisations

Thinqi provides a full-spectrum modern learning solution for businesses looking to take the next step beyond the traditional LMS.

Bringing the best user experience across a range of innovative features, Thinqi lets modern L&D practitioners realise their vision of an engaged, agile workforce driven by a strong learning culture.


Key Benefits for Commercial Business
Easy Onboarding
Get your new hires engaged and active from the outset with clearly signposted formal learning pathways.
Personalised Learning
An intelligent interface that adapts to the preferences of each learner providing relevant content and experiences.
Content Curation and Creation
Create bite-size modules from the perfect blend of web content and your own expertise with simple tagging and playlist tools.
Reward and Recognition
Incentivise your staff to achieve their potential through badges, certificates and social recognition.
Reporting and Analytics
Measure activity, progress, engagement and digital body language with our powerful analytics and visualisation tools. Prove the ROI of learning to your business.
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"Thinqi has transformed our business, bringing cutting-edge blended learning technology to our existing high-quality learning and development solutions" Steve Burnside, Director – Cake PD
"The Thinqi team truly cares about education and wants to learn about your educational goals to allow your learners to use Thinqi to advance their learning and development" Michelle Wartak, Learning Architect - Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard
"The Anglian Learning Hub through Thinqi has revolutionised the way we train and support our people, the change in culture is shifting in such a little time since launch and is now unstoppable" Pete Russell, Finance Training Manager, Anglian Home Improvements